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Robin Food Het van vanavond! Pompoensoepje voor, shepherds pie met rucola appelsalade, en ‘gehaktballetjes’ als hoofd en toe een vegan cocos citroen taartje! Uitbuiken tijdens deze film bij de nieuwe Anita:

LOLA 1981

Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder

In German with English subtitles

Lola was one of the last movies made by the renegade German film director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. More than an artist, Fassbinder was a force of nature. He never was one to go with the flow, but instead brilliantly created viable alternatives to both cinema and real life.

Set in the autumn of 1957, this film has two parallel storylines… one is historical and the other is personal. Lola (Barbara Sukowa) is a cabaret singer with a wild temperament. She is also a part-time prostitute who embraces the new free-market capitalism that has invaded Europe after WWll. Being the lover of two powerful men- a corrupt businessman and a law-biding commissioner- she is able to manipulate the future of the new Germany. Smakelijk eten alvast en… vergeet niet te reserveren

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