Come chai with Ram

Every Sunday at Robin Food you can step into the Chai Party, an  Indian inspired pop-up chaishop!! Not familiar with chai? Basically it means tea in hindi, only it is not just tea… Chai is tea enriched with a masala of spices and milk, the masala changing from regions to region, teashop to teashop.

So why chai? Well, first of all its heel lekker;) then there is this spicy~sweet and tangy rich creaminess in all its hotness waking up the taste buds all through the mouth, until finally they be screaming yeahehe, wahzzup ginger Love you wanna date me?!

Well, spicing up the words over here isn’t proving any point, come and taste the feest. The masala in Chai should at least keep the flu away from you:D

possibly you’ll learn something about Indian culture too mera dost!

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